Turbo reconditioning process


The reconditioning process

The exchange turbo unit will be stripped of ancillary parts and dismantled. All seals, bearings are discarded along with fixing components (nuts, bolts etc.) unless they are in serviceable condition.

The shaft wheel, Bearing housing and other core components are thoroughly cleansed to assess their condition and identify any damage.

The turbine & bearing housings are placed in a furnace to burn off carbon deposits and then machine cleaned and polished.

A final inspection of each component is made. Any component matching the original factory specification are reused, any that are worn excessively are replaced with new original components.

The shaft and compressor wheels are then dynamically balanced and assembled. High speed turbos are then core-balanced up to 250,000 RPM on a vibration sort rig (VSR).

The actuator and westgate valves are then calibrated and assembled along with the turbine housing.

A final inspection of the reconditioned turbo is then undertaken and ancillary components are reassembled ready for the unit to be shipped back to you.