Exchange Turbos

Your turbo reconditioned

Turbos are usually designed to last for the lifetime of the engine of your vehicle but sometimes do fail, often due to poor oil supply. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to replace it with an expensive new turbo, you may be surprised to see how cost effective it is to exchange your own turbocharger.

Exchanging your own turbo enables our experienced staff to identify any potential underlying issues that may have caused the initial failure and modifications or precautions that can be made to remedy the situation before you fit a replacement unit.

With our unique system we can exchange your turbo with either a reconditioned, tested "off the shelf" replacement unit next day or we can recondition your turbo and have it back to you within 72 hours!

We only use the highest quality original components and every turbo supplied by us carries our comprehensive 12 month guarantee.

Get an instant quote now, we can supply an instant price for 90% of turbos on the market and if you're happy with the price you can get the replacement unit in a couple of days.


As you can see from our quote system our prices are amongst the most competitive in the UK and our service is built on speed and efficiency without compromising quality.